If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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Why are you thinking of apples o.o

Why you're looking para-normally beautiful.

Well hello there Ms. Fanservice!

Forever alone. :(

Nice scythe, baby.

Look out, she's got Razzle-Dazzle!
*hopes someone else gets the reference*

I'm going to go stick my head under a cold shower until the drugs get out of my system, k?

I'd be ok with this if there wasn't a giant, possibly sentient body of armor in my room.

I'd be more than fine with this development.

Hey! This crab is a Headsprouter! *ba dum tssh*

Hello.......I ate your sandvich.

Look kid, I allowed you to sleep on my bed because you have nightmares, but bringing your pizza bed with you is TOO MUCH.

...I'm strangely okay with this.

You don't have to wear that mask pretty lady.
You pretty!

I'd take the bike...but I don't want the guy in the Marines to attack me. One thing in life you never do, piss of a Marine.

Would you mind not giving me plague and killing the whole party?

You can stay here. ^.^

I love your games, but I don't love you THAT way.

Your outfit doesn't look like it cost $5! Congratulations!

Well hello there. Want some breakfast?

I am okay with this.

*yawn* Huh?

Oh, you have a nice day at school then.

Wait... what were you doing in my bed... OH GOD.

No wonder I was so itchy...

...not that I'm complaining.

*runs out of the house screaming*

I thought you had a thing for your cousin.

Yep. The only person I wanted to bone from Eva.

Are you wearing a pantyhose over 90% of your body...? I'll infer from that as to what that book is about.



Get the hell out of my house.

Oh, you hijack my bed, and I'M the asshat? Get out of here, kid.

The severed heads are a deal breaker. Sorry.

Someone knows Shakugan no Shana!? Also, looks like I need to get more melon bread.

Hey Ratchet. Why are you pointing a gun at me?

Ah, dear Etna. What a great minion you would make.


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