If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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I guess it's another night alone... time to fap!

Well that's one day to brighten up my day!

...You've got red on you.

Im not exactly afraid of the box, but what was in it!

Sweet, now I dig out the hidden cameras and bring the guy down.


Eh, it's not all bad, being the Royal Family's babysitter pays well.

O____O Well I guess I've got the crabs now.

Yeah nice try buddy, I know about you.

A rock star?, sure why not

Well I guess you must be one of those butt-hole pirates...
How is I had trouble understanding dirty jokes until last year?

I sure had fun with those wing-things. They comfy.

I really don't know why I keep this cracked portrait in my bed...

I can't load the picture, WHAT THE FUAACK!

I'm very glad you approve of my performance Mr. Clarkson!

How did this one happen? O.o

The fuck is going on?

Get out of my face, you sorry excuse for a ninja!

Who's Eren? Have you been cheating on me?! D:<

OHH DEAR FUCKING GOD! THAT'S HIDEOUS!..just no, NO! Where is the acid to bath myself in?!

Well, I'd count myself lucky... if I were female.

Aren't you like ten?


Your not gonna....use that nun chuck on me, are you?

Buff. No idea who you are though.

Out. Get out.

Oh Patrick Stewart, you know I'll always love you

I guess you lied about that whole knocking thing... I don't have the money though...

Your opponent is in another apartment -- wait, where are you taking me?

He was like that when I found him, I swear! Wait, that doesn't reflect well on me either.

Nice uh... moustache.

You look like you're in pain, do you need me to call you a doctor?

The fridge is over there

Right, I slept with you. Now will you get a haircut?

Heh, he seems angry about something, OHH GOD HE IS IN MY BED!

Oh hi, what was your name again?

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