If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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I feel like you're giving me mixed messages here...

Lose the scythe and I'll be extremely okay with this.
EDIT: Ostrich ninja'd me then had the audacity to use Fanpop, which does not work. Therefor his post does not exist as far as I'm concerned.

Don't be mad, let's put a smile on that face

Uh-oh. I'm even more scared than I was of the Joker.

What a ravishing creature. I am content.

Dayumn! That is one sexy beast...literally.

Sure it can; last night's party was awesome, but you're an idiot. Now get the fuck out.


*ignores and lights self on fire*

That rag on a stick does nothing to make you smell better. Nothing! Also, how did you get in here?

More hamsters? AWAY WITH YOU!

Redlin, y u no post image?

"Oh, hi kitty! How'd you enjoy your nappies that I didn't have sexual intorcorse durring?

I know how you feel...my hair was like that, this morning. Friggin' hard to keep down, man.

Well, who left this in my bed. Disgusting.

Why is there a chair in my bed? WHO LEFT THIS HERE?

Who left a Post-It note with a poorly-drawn landscape on it where I sleep? This is an outrage.

Julius Ceasar, what are you doing in my room, heck why are on this side of the planet? Your troops never even came here.

Mmmmm...sexy and foreboding.


Like what the fucking shit! You have a horrible breath, get that fixed!

Doesn't matter, had sex.

Uhh, she seems like a cold person with that white skin and iron armor. It explains why I felt so cold all night in bed.

Can I call you Big Bertha?

Is that you doc Brown?

You're a...unique-looking character.

Bring back popcorn chicken you undead bitch!

How dare you mock my love making!

You simply must give me the number of your stylist!

Sorry to give you the cold shoulder :D .....I'll go...

Get the hell out of my room. No, you can not get out of the bag first.

Please, no tongue. No I'm serious, get that shit away from me. Cut it out, seal it in a titanium box and deliver it to the Earth's core.

Your blank stare says it all.

*Runs away*

I don't mind at al- Wait, you don't have...any STDs, right? Right?! Why aren't aren't you answering me! T_T

Yeah I found Nemo!

Not only you're sleeping on the job, you're sleeping on my bloody bed! That's it, you're fired.

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