If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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Tell him he has bad taste in glasses.

I dont think so

No, no no, no no.

*Runs away*

*draws face on*

Well as long as your not a very attractive man I'm fine with it.

Oh, a survivor... *Om nom nom, cookiecrumbs all over the bed*

Yeah.... no. I'd probably just kill him right then and there.

*Pounces and starts cuddling...*
Oh hey there... maybe you should take some of those layers off... it's not so cold in here...<.<

He's alive! And I slept with him >.>. Hopefully some of his talent rubbed off onto me.

Uh why are you in my bed?

I'd respectfully tell him to get out. He doesn't look crazy, is casually dressed and doesn't have a weapon.

*kicks out of bed* Go away!

... are you a boy... or a girl?

That was a girl, Sacman. :P

And... I think i'll pass on that. :o

*Starts crying...*

I guess I wouldn't mind too much.

atleast mystical powers are involved...

*hugs* Hey! I've seen you before!


*Jumps on and snuggles both...*

This is odd.

*Is ashamed...*


That's adorable!


Fuck you alcohol.

Thats just creepy...... *Shoots in the face*

*meh* They're just paper wasps, I'm fine...(!)

I'm interested.

That's adorable!

That's one of my doggies. :3

OT: Mmm... no.

You don't know adebisi do you?
Uh sure I am okay with that...

... Maybe. :o

What's wrong with your eyes? And are those... horns growing out from behind your ears? Interesting... *hugs anyway*

Yeah that did not happen

What the Hell, I swear she looked 16! *oblivious to ears*

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