If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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She seems kind of mad... let's see if I can't help with that...<.<

Her mid section looks really off... and I need to finish this anime (railgun).

When did I get so promiscuous? I don't have any swag to forget to turn off...

Ask her if she wants a carrot <.<


*Initiates orgy...*

I don't trust you not to kill me, lady.

You're called the brick am I right? Well I'm sorry for tearing you down from my wall ;)


Awww yeah. Hong Meiling is awesome... but I prefer Patchy.

I like books. :3

Hello ;)

No thank you. Not into Alien.

Mmm... breakfast in bed? *kisses her hand*

Oh... a trap if ever there was one!

Same trap!

Ahh yes, what an interesting threesome.


Because not enough fatties.

Too many!

Too few, and too skinny! Her too -_-

I am OK with this.

Don't swing that way.

Why is she the one with the whip, and why aren't her buttcheeks red?


Do I know you from somewhere? You look like someone I hate...

You look down! 3:

Tell her to stop singing and go back to sleep...

...Weird, but, I ain't complainin'.


Isn't actually a vampire. I am disappoint.

(Remilia definitely is. That was who I posted.)

Damn right.

I thought full moon wasn't until next week, man. Get a f**king grip.

More grey haired girls! I'm on a role :)

Nice bow. :O

Holy crap.

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