If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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Guess it is time to kill another abomination

Lose the boobs, then we'll talk.

Uh oh.

Your hair is majestic!



The hell's wrong with your shoulders?! o_O'

Abort, abort!

Captcha: "panic button". Strangely accurate, no?

lets see whats behind those hands OH GOD NO.



*pepper sprays*

I can only imagine what kinds of positions he got me into with those things on his back.

Wait, how did we do it last night?

I'll just protect myself using chest high walls.


*snatches book* *slaps them out with it* *reads book*

Wait. ...Wait.


Wrong person! *punches Liara*

Never really seen why people go for that. And I'm never going to watch it, purely because EVERYONE else does and always says it's the best thing ever. Now, like SMT Persona, it occupies a place in my mind somewhere near the perfection of Jehovah and I'm worried that if I have any actual contact, the illusion will be shattered.

Oh, and, I'm not interested in either of you. So I'm pretty sure we didn't have sex.


I'm okay with this.

I'm really not.

*is killed*

Capcha: love-hate

Come here you.

i make it give me handjobs till the end fof the world!!!

... *win* ... !!

Hmm. Not sure if want.

Nope. Not gonna fall for it.

Yes please. First girl crush, right there. <3

Mother of god! o3o

Um...This is awkward.

My response would be "Damn it, you have your own room for a reason. Now use it."


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