If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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Groovy. o-o

Why does this cactus digimon has so much hair?

Of course she is. >.>

Never liked that show and never will.

Light and Darkness. :O

I'm very okay with this.

Your performance in bed was very wooden and two-dimensional.

*throws more pancakes* >.>

*meh* Despite being Chinese, I generally don't go for (SE)Asian women... :/

No thank you.

You must sing for the moment!

Ehm... why are you pleasuring the mic?

I can't complain.


I don't like how she's drawn...

Gotta love revolvers. =D

i fakku his beard until it drops right off!!!


Try selecting "Copy Image Location" then putting the [ img ] tag around the URL that "Copy Image Location" gives you.

OT: Wow that's a lot of food.

I don't recognise that image, ergo, I'm not weird! :D

Are you a boy or a girl?

Hey hey Mister!

It's OK...

*meh* Requires batteries so... no...


Haha, you're stuck on the...FUCK!

i fuck his kool klux klanny outfit until it is all brown!!!

notsafe for humans.

What the hell is going on!?

that was one hell of a party I went to last night! *are those cat ears?*

You still look like a slut.

Dat necklace.. wing... thingy.

I always wanted to know wha-

*boom*...*coughs* CURSE YOU Paradox!

"Wait...you aren't 18?...awwww crap..." O_O

Nothing, sweet normalcy.


Captcha: great unwashed

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