If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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Why do I get the feeling I've seen you before...

Dem wings!

Am I on my deathbed?

What's going on?

Nice hat! Can I keep it?

No thank you cowboy I don't swing that way :/

I must tell the internet, they'll want to hear!

Get out of here and don't come back.

But you still got defeated. NEXT!

Its the reddit thing. I don't browse reddit >.>

Ladies, ladies, control yourselves; You'll all get a chance with Cmdr. Taco!

Broken. Followed the link anyway and I have no idea what the picture was supposed to be. Too many pictures maaan.

I'll take red cap guy, the rest can watch

Hello Cmdr Taco. When did you get here.

That's a awesome hat you got there. o-o

That is the suavest Pokemon I've ever seen.

Dante looks... odd today. Are you okay, mate?

That's a lot of armor...

I'll take red cap guy, the rest can watch

You used me?



You used me?


My godlike powers (copy image URL) allow me to do this. Observe!




Also, I'm not gay, why was he in my bed?

Ohai Para and Fiji!
And... person I don't know!

My garden! Why did you destroy my garden! DX
My captcha was Propane Accessories so I have to do this. XD

I lured him there with the promise of propane and propane accessories!

Well hello Louis. Wait, is Peter nearby?

Your hat looks stupid.

I loved that cartoon! Shame it ended when it did. 3:

...Where is my bed right now? Should I be worried?

Horny Obama?


Meh, alright.

Er, how did you get in here?

And please don't get that computer involved...

Why do I keep getting you in my bed?

The eyes... Oh god, the eyes! D:

Furry pedophillia... Gross. Please leave. Now! Seriously, out! How the hell do all these people keep getting into my bed?

EDIT: God damn it. And I had just checked for ninjas too.
OT:Loose the chainsaw and the head and we'll talk.

Well Fuck... Looks like my zombie apocalypse plan has already failed. Remember Meeeeee!

What you makin'?

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