If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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Meh, alright.

Er, how did you get in here?

And please don't get that computer involved...

Why do I keep getting you in my bed?

The eyes... Oh god, the eyes! D:

Furry pedophillia... Gross. Please leave. Now! Seriously, out! How the hell do all these people keep getting into my bed?

EDIT: God damn it. And I had just checked for ninjas too.
OT:Loose the chainsaw and the head and we'll talk.

Well Fuck... Looks like my zombie apocalypse plan has already failed. Remember Meeeeee!

What you makin'?

Kinky? How Drunk was I last night? I usually don't do roleplaying sexy time.

What the hell was I drinking?

Oppa Gangnam style in bed!

And then out in public!

Hmm, not my type.... but that was fun!

Where the hell are we and what the fuck is that?

The Great Deku tree?!?! I thought you were dead! You... uh... lost a lot of weight I see.

Stop swearing at me!

I know it was bad, but it was my first time! D:

Your singing is terrible! It hurts my ears. LEAVE NOW! ARGGHH!...

I was a romance option? I never even knew it!

I guess I just...


Rode the Flow


I am very confused right now.

Hail sir knight! Pray tell, why art thou in my bed? I beseech you to GET OUT!

Hail sir knight! Pray tell, why art thou in my bed? I beseech you to GET OUT!

I believe that is a wizard.


Blow that horn, and it's going down your throat!

Are you the Grim Reaper's sister? And did we have fun last night?

Did you wear that on your head the whole time?

dude seriously, too close and why do I keep meeting people who can make works float like that.

Where are we?

This isn't my house! D:

Where's my cereal?

I love balloons, they're basically improvised condoms!

You look pissed? What'd I do?

Well, last night was awesome!

Who are you again?

I swear Louis was in my bed when I woke up! I didn't do anything! Um... LOOK! Something totally distracting!

Santa's a cat!?

Who could've guessed!

WTF?! Where the fuck's my shotgun?!

you look familiar. Aren't you some sort of musical badass?

Ahhh! a broken link! What do you want?

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