If you woke up in bed with the person in the above image...

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Who put a mirror in my bed?!

... Are we related?

I'm starting to think I might be schizophrenic. There's no way I'm this bad at making sure I lock the door.


Put your face back on! D:

AHHHH! Who put this severed head in my bed?!

Oh my god!

He spilled cranberry juice all over my sheets D:<

You're old.

Nick Cage, is that you with a time machine?

Ew, no thanks.

The light!

The light BURNS O.o

Score one for me! Wait 'Teen'... Eh, I've had younger.


You didn't need to go buy breakfast, I could have done that

Stop angsting, please, that's my job.

...So how long have you been sitting there?

Hmm... creepy... but I'm sure I can still get into it...<.<

I though you were canceled!

Are you making a reboot?

...Could be worse I suppose

Not drinking THAT ever again...

Hello Mr. Easter Bunny. How can I help you?

Are you an octopus?
Are you an octodad?

So many pumpkins...

Do you want to make pumpkin pie?

I... don't... know.


I have a friend I should hook you up with

Damn it spidey Mary jane Lives next door!

Just, no.




Aren't you supposed to be watching for something?

Hey Cthulhu, what's up?

This is NOT a hentai, keep those tentacles where I can see them

It's Gangnam party time!

I can't wait to tell Slender I banged his sister!

Get this sleezeball off of my bed! D:

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