Wandering the Wastes ( A Fallout: new vegas roleplay )

Yeah so I've seen Loads of Fallout role-plays but their either not quite what I'm looking for or they've already been closed so after finally figuring out how to post I have created this one:

I'll need people to keep me informed on how many caps they have.

Rules are pretty much the same as other role-plays so here's what I propose for character builds:

S.P.E.C.I.A.L added together cant be over 40

you choose 5 perks, 4 must be equal to or under level 12 with one exception which can be up to level 20

If your Strength is 5 or less you can only have 2 weapons. If your strength is 6-7 you can have 3, if your strength is 8-9 you can have 4, if your strength is 10, you can have 5. Heavy weapons (Fat Man, Plasma Caster, Minigun, etc.) Count as two weapons.

If your Strength is >5 you can only wear light armor and if it's <8 you can wear heavy armor.

Your tag skills are what you can do and what will improve over time, no other skills can be trained in ( I think that's fair enough right? ) if you tag guns you now how to shoot, if you tag repair, you can fix stuff, if you don't you can't but as time passes you get better at the things you tagged

and last but not least traits, traits are like perks but they have better rewards, and come at a price, you can have traits from Fallout: new Vegas or make up two of your own AS LONG AS THEY MAKE SENSE, please consult me if your unsure

And one last thing, when putting in S.P.E.C.I.A.L put in your base stats, then but the stat (after perks, traits etc.) in brackets next to it

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ADJUST YOUR SKILLS ACCORDINGLY<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

if your interested in joining pm me and I'll add you and also I'm gonna need to add a limit to characters so sorry about that...

(and also my account looks newbie but that's mainly because I notice the amount of intelligent people on the escapist so I basically joined just to post this RP)

(I'll put mine in a comment)
Here's a copy of the character sheet:










Other items:


Tag skills:





Name: Anthony Carmine

Age: 21

Species/Race: Human

Gender: Male

Description: Quite tall with The Kings gang haircut and rough bear, white hair and hazel eyes

Faction: NCR Veteran Ranger

Goals: To find Joshua Graham and return the favor

Weapons:Anti-material Rifle, Hunting Shotgun and Shishkebab

Armor: Non-NCR Desert Ranger Veteran Armor, Non-NCR Desert Ranger Veteran helmet (to not be attacked by NCR haters)
http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Desert_Ranger_combat_armor (opens new tab)

Other items: Scripture/bible (he has no idea what the book is or what it stands for, he just thinks its a good read...

Background: Born in New Canaan, Anthony hated his culture, everything about it, never payed any attention to the so called religion of New Canaan, didn't matter to him, so he left new Canaan to head to the Mojave were he supposed the people would be less... high and mighty, and when he arrived he joined the NCR and was quickly picked up as a Veteran for his good shooting which had been caused by years of pent up anger at pious idiots, after he joined the Veterans he was assigned a surveillance job at several Legion forts and often spend most of his time just giving ammo to rangers assigned to specific locations.

Tag skills: Guns, Repair and Speech

Perks: Jury Rigging, And Stay Back!, Shotgun Surgeon, Sniper and Super Slam

Traits: Veteran Ranger - +1 Per, Easier headshots, -1 Chr
Photophobia - +1 Int, +1 Ag when wearing any hat or sunglasses, -1 to all stats when not wearing headgear

S.P.E.C.I.A.L: S-6 P-8(9) E-4 C-4(3) I-6(7) A-8(9) L-4

Notes: what Joshua Graham did for (or did to XD) will be revealed in time.


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