The Object to your left is now your weapon of choice in the upcoming weapon apocalypse, What is it?

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*Puts on Queen with Princes of the Universe*



measuring tape.

mayby I can stab the zombies with it. or pluck their eyes out. or strangle them. could be worse.

My keys...well maybe i could get one in the eye before my quick demise

I have several things on my desk. A 16-oz plastic tumbler. Linesman pliers, a nasty looking, albeit small nail puller and a pencil.

My socks..... Not a very good weapon, but it keeps my feet warm.

A Camera.

"I've covered wars, ya know."

Atleast it will be good for gaining XP.

A dildo and some lube, I'm safe.

That either means the katana or the baseball bat that I keep in the corner of my room next to the door. Either way I am happy.

My twin size bed.


Know what? Forget the apocalypse. I'll be over there getting drunk.

A fish. And not a live one, a silly fish statue. That or a pile of unsent mail.

... My bed.

An ipod. Well at least I've got some good music.

An apple.

I shall throw it at the advancing hordes and flee whilst they are fighting over it! Zombies *are* vegetarians right? Right?

A subwoofer. I could Wub people to death?

A labtop bag. Unless I am allow to store whatever I found into that bag, I'm doom.

A tie between a knife and a PS3 controller.

I'm gonna go with...the PS3 controller!

A German to english dictionary! So now I have the harsh language of two dialects at my disposal...

an indestructible ceramic teacup that is almost as old as me
works for me

If Riddick can kill people with a teacup I see no reason why it shouldn't work for you; I mean 'Chronicles of Riddick' is almost a documentary it is so real... Happy zombie slaying.

A Necklace with a thors hammer amulet. Well with a little luck it'll bestow awesome strength and lightning abilities. ;)

I am completely SoL I have a phone to my left and that is it. There are some knives to my right, but that wasn't the game was it...

EDIT: Oh and I guess a wall, not sure how to use that as a weapon yet though

A wall.

Funny how things work out, right?

My brother . this should be good.

A Yahtzee Imp doll.

Anyone else with trust issues not believing that so many people happen to have deadly weapons right next to their PC?

A fish. And not a live one, a silly fish statue. That or a pile of unsent mail.

A 160 litre fish tank. I think I may be dead. Unfortunately to my right is three samurai swords >:-(

picture of Chuck Norris. saved.

Chinese dumplings. So I'm... good?

I was bout to say its a wall. Then I realized that on a hook on the wall is a mace/axe. YES

My bed. I'm just going to go ahead and sleep through the apocalypse. Wake me when it's over and we've started rebuilding.

A copy of dragon age.

I guess I can trade it as a coaster for a more useful item.

A tea spoon -_-

a pac-man coffecup... I'm screwed...

My Lenovo Laptop... Well it's big and blocky enough to smash some heads, atleast..

A wardrobe. I guess I could drop it on a zombie.

Hunting knife. I won't argue with it at all.

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