The Object to your left is now your weapon of choice in the upcoming weapon apocalypse, What is it?

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i have a wand
of course it's not real but i actually do have a Harry Potter wand i bought from Universal Studios

so i'm pretty well fucked

A window.

If I 180 it is a ukulele.

Fear my coffee table zombies! Makeshift shield here we come ... or maybe I could carve a shovel out of it - zombies don't fare well against shovels.

I have phone! I am completely safe!

A 3 1/2' longsword or a 1' 3-4" wide combat knife.
Come at me bro.

a Water bottle... and I just drank all the water...sup.



Well I guess I'll have something to play with while I wait for my inevitable demise.

My baby brother playing with my DS.
At least he can slow them down.

A Guitar Hero controller. May the power of rock be with me...!

a usb cable...

A starfish.


Fuck Yeah.

A couch...


A half-empty bottle of soda

Raiders won't stand a chance. You ever get soda on you? stuff gets pretty sticky. I'll have to ration ammo though

A plastic cup...

BRING IT ON! (again)

My Ipod touch!? well at least I can listen to some sweet tunes in the forthcoming apocolypse.

I.. um.. the door? That could do some damage, but it might get tiring to lug it around everywhere.. train train?

...I already have won!

My smartphone, unless I can call for reinforcement of a missle strike, I'm doom!

A 1-up mushroom plush...pillow fight!

A paper guillotine, heavy enogh to bludgeon with, just wide enough to block with

A stapler, and a GBA SP...
Oh yeah, shit's about to go down!

Um, a blue wall. Since it isn't an object I'll go with the nearest thing.

A large umbrella...not bad, I guess I can keep them away. Or try to stab them.

Too bad my katana isn't there. ;_;

A mug...

I always have the worst luck...

A Katana...

I hear there are other versions of this game, so lets try those too...

Right: Buster Sword.
Behind and to left: Replica Excalibur
Further Right: Rainbow Dash
Dirrectly Behind: A dozen books, some of which devoted to magic and combat... among other things.
Behind and to Right: Pokemon
Further Left: Digimon

... Really, I think Apart from directly forward (which would be pointless, as it would always be a computer, or other digital device, to a fault) I'm surrounded by The best Apocalypse weapons around.


A blanket. Naturally. I have terrible luck

This metal chair shall both protect me and give me a way to rest!

My manga collection...I could throw them I guess.

my old hdd and some papers.. what am i supposed to do with that?

My blanket, time to hide!

A SAR-21 bullpup assault rifle.

What? I'm in a military camp right now.

A notebook.

This apocalypse will go down in history.

Axe body spray, I can find a lighter and use it as a flame thrower.

A toy lightsaber

I'd say that evens the odds for the zombies

A person...

Should be good bait whilst I run away. ^_^

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