The Object to your left is now your weapon of choice in the upcoming weapon apocalypse, What is it?

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A map of the world...

I guess I could distract them with pretty colors

Well hello wall. Turning myself around, I got a pen. Meh, there's worse :|

A pencil...

I could imitate the Joker, for like one zombie!

A dinning plate... well it was nice knowing all... I'm gonna go eat my last meal as the zombies eat me.

A video camera

Good, I can record my last few days and post it on the internet!

3 stacked cups. I don't think I can con the zombies so I'm pretty fucked.

Empty bag of skips...I am fucked.

A wall,
I'll just wait it out.

My backpack...that's actually effective because those who know me in real life know how heavy it is.

My curtains, I have the worst luck.

A stuffed pirate dog that my ex got me from alton towers. Well, fuck.

Uh...I choose my cutain POLES! Those could dish out some damage!

My Hauppauge...

I guess I can beat the zombies with it!

There is a banjo to my mostly left. Woody Harrelson demonstrated their usefulness in the zombie apocalypse.

Futurama season 1-4 DVD box sets...

A hamburger...

I guess I could enjoy a last meal before I die

I sit in the same place everyday typing I choose my windows!

An empty bag that used to contain pretzels... Of course the the only thing less useful than the blanket

Um...blanket? I could hide under it...

A Gameworks Coffee mug. Yeah, I'll just stay here and OD on caffeine thank-you-very-much.

Whisky in stemware
I could spill the whisky and stab them through the temple or I cold enjoy my last drink

My copy of Ciaphas Cain, Hero of the Imperium. I suppose... I have a great source of wisdom to draw upon. And it's a big book. Getting bashed by it might hurt.

Sitting in a different Xbox360 controller...uh...I can hit them with it...

Hmm, to my immediate left? Well, I have a cat in heat, a dvd shelf, a pair of shoes, a PS3 controller, a spray bottle, a plastic wastebasket and a flyswatter. I'm pretty much fucked no matter what I choose. :/

A yankee candle...f**k...

1851 Colt Navy Revolver...

Don't ask why it next to me.


A 9 foot solid, railway sleeper.

...Again don't ask.

A pack of Skruf Xtra Stark White.

Several sheets of paper and a flash drive.


*looks over* Hmm... Peanut butter...

I hope whatever is causing the apocalypse has allergies...

A rocking chair...shit.

I won't die of dehydration.

A packet of rice snacks. I've got the food!

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