The Object to your left is now your weapon of choice in the upcoming weapon apocalypse, What is it?

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A flashlight

I guess I could use it to boop one of them on the head while I'm being nommed on

An Ipod and some headphones.
It can take my mind off how horrible the apocalypse is.

My friends television...if he is a zombie, he won't be needing it anyway!

A soft cloth that I got with my TV. Hah!

An electric fan...

I heard outlets are abundant in the Zombie Apocalypse...

A coat hanger.

At least my shirt while be wrinkle free.

(At school) A desktop? FEAR ME ZOMBIES!

My phone! That case of mine certainly is bulky enough...

I have... a small knife!


my uncle gave it to me...<.<

Car keys.
If it's just the keys I'm buggered but if I get the car.......ZOMBIE ROAD TRIP!

A pen stylus...
I'm as good as dead.

A cup...I have little in the way of good weaponry.

A half-eaten bagel!

A calculator on a string, I guess I could swing it around but it's very light, probably would break, so I guess I'm toast.

*Looks to my left*
*My Fedora hat*
...Awww yeah.

My bottle of Pepsi, next to that is a pig sticker...

I'll choose...


Strawberry-scented car freshener. Can't have smelly zombies.

An office chair...feel my comfy chair you dead BASTARDS!

A bottle of beer.
At least I'll die happy.


A coat...for f**ks sake...

My wallet.

Well, money talks, and I've always been a very talkative person.

My Vita, F U zombies! I wanna play Persona 4!

A screwdriver set? Man, my inner scientist is satisfied.

A broken torch. Shit...

A calculator? Oh, let's kill them with logic!

A broken fan... I guess if I rigged it to a car battery and removed the shielding, I could use it as a saw.

A large wood and glass case filled with porcelain mementos...and a fern.

I guess I could use the fern as a crude club, and chuck the porcelain figures and their shelves at my enemies. Then, I can push the case down on anyone who wanders by.


Good luck to whatever poor bugger ends up on the receiving end of a mug of hot coffee. If that doesn't fell them, I think I could probably get a few swipes in with the broken edge. Better than nothing.

I've got a really powerful flashlight to my left. At least the apocalypse will be well-lit. Plus, I could probably blind anyone trying to come at me. Could be worse.

*Notices an old baseball bat to the right*

But it could be a hell of a lot better!!! Damn it.

My friend Rokki who is sitting right next to me, WE GUNNA KILL SUM FECKIN ZAHMBIES!

A wardrobe. Allllright...maybe I could tip it over onto someone and take their weapon. Failing that, I could crawl inside and starve to death in relative comfort.

A book titled "Warcraft: The Shattering", it could work well if I used with as much efficiency and proficiency as this guy.


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