The Object to your left is now your weapon of choice in the upcoming weapon apocalypse, What is it?

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Vicarious Reality:
Only thing to my left is my Computer, thrashbaskets and TV on a chair

To my right, i have no less than six machetes, two small knives and a heavy flashlight. Oh the irony.

That, my friend, is called a kick in the dick in the balls. However, feel free to cheat when the zombie apocalypse does come. I don't think they'll mind.

To my left is a window, which has a garden shed filled with tools in it. I think I'll just use the window to defenestrate myself.

I have my eight-inch, hand-forged Bowie knife sitting on my bedside table. I'm fairly sure I'm in the top ten percent of the survivors.

Immediately to my left?

...The tiny little cardboard tube that was in the middle of my elastic sports bandage. Really now?

I'm doomed.

Allen Iverson textbook cover. Let's do this.

A 4'5" floor lamp. That just might suit me, especially if I could strap a car battery to my back and stick a metal thing in the light bulb socket. Plus the corners on the part that goes on the floor would make for good bludgeoning. I'll be kicking ass. Maybe.

I have my phone, my itouch, and my AC: Brotherhood jack-in-the-box...

Well I'm most certainly fucked.

Let's see here, the object to my left... Anybody have advice on killing with a bed sheet...

oh dont i love this nice stack of katanas to my left, but for kicks, lets see whats on my right. candles, huh

The throttle to my Saitek X52, pretty sure I could stove a zombie's brain in with that.

A bottle of whiskey. My body is ready

My Buster Sword replica is mounted on the wall next to my computer. HELL YEAH!

A large camera. Sweetness. Frank West eat your heart out.

A two year old toddler?

My TV remote. Perhaps hitting the off button would kill something?

My girlfriend.

Oh, I am really fucked. Doesn't help that she's terrified of zombies.

That' game CD rack.




A poster of Murphy's Law in glass and metal frame.


Famas BB rifle.

Bring it bitches!

There's a lot of things on that side of me but I'm gonna go with my direct left and say a hamper of dirty clothes...

Maybe I can hide in it or something... Kill anything that looks in like a clever trap. I bet I can strangle a person with clothes in the meanwhile or smother them to death.

Unless it's zombies we're dealing with. In that case, I'll have to smash heads to pulps High School of the Dead style whilst hiding off and on.

My 20lb solid steel surround sound subwoofer... Good skull smasher I'd say!

A metal stapler. I could do worse.

A shit-ton of books!!

Just like the last time a thread like this happened!

A gamecube controller? How screwed am I?

I've got my guitar sitting to the left of me.
So it's a decent bludgeoning weapon but then again I wouldn't want to ruin it so I guess I'll play a lullaby to lull the zombies to sleep...

A bottle of Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade.

... Eh, I could do worse.

A pair of handcuffs...
I'm screwed.

I've got my bongo drums...I hope that the zombies know how to conga! :D

Hmmm... A thirty-five pound dumbbell. It would definitely make a pretty devastating weapon but it would get pretty fuckin tiring after a while. Not my weapon of choice but I could survive with it :)

Normally a swiss army knife and sunglasses, but as of typing this: air.

A half empty Coke Zero can. I suppose I could cut it into two sharp pieces with my Swiss Army Knife that's just to my right over here...

A Wii-mote with nunchuck attachment.
I suppose I might be okay as long as zombies are vulnerable to strangling, and as long as I don't attract a horde.

A wall. Yes, a brick wall...

A small pencil, half the length of a normal one, and on the dull side.

I'd rather use my hands......

The north pole!

(Left is north right now.)

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