The Object to your left is now your weapon of choice in the upcoming weapon apocalypse, What is it?

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A box of cornflakes.

I'm screwed.

Tough choice.
Origami heart on top of my Magic: The Gathering deck box(Pyromill).

The price tag off a shirt I just bought.


My printer. It's heavy enough to be used in a trap, or if there's still electricity I can use it to print a manifesto to try and get people to collaborate in spite of the madness.

Fear my pink neck pillow!

go go bag of +1 potato chips?

A table and a piece of paper.
hmm. maybe i can barricade a door and draw a stop/do not enter sign on it.

Pillow. I am going to die.

A box of Junior Mints.

...I'm Fucked.

My flashlight. Melee weapon?

It's an essay I finished at midnight last night. I'm screwed.

Mine is a pillow.


Next to me is 5 laptops, a desktop PC and a desk phone... Im screwed unless someone wants to buy one in the apocolypse, then ill use that money to buy weapons

to my left is a camera, a heater and a halo 3 poster...

but when I look to my left from the screen I see the instruction manual from AC2......


So I have a boxcutter and a pillow... Well thats a recipe for stealth murders if I ever heard one.

The north pole!

(Left is north right now.)

SMART FUCKER! SANTA IS WITH YOU! All that Fallout knowledge is finally paying off huh?

A automatic pepper grinder with a flashlight, great I can make zombies sneeze in the dark

A four year old Jack Russel- Silky Terrier cross. Distract them with your barking while I ride the hell out of here, boy!
Actually I wouldn't do that, I love my dog too much.

Also you guys using machetes, are you in an abattoir or something? Damn.

the remote to my T.V.

God damnit Napa...

Arm's length: My 3g cellphone (It's not a weapon but can be used as a tool of commutation)
In the room I'm in: A glass skull full with vodka (weapon or currency)

Pillow. I am gonna smother some bitches!

What the hell am I supposed to do with a broken half of an eraser?

Rather conveniently, a large orange wood axe.
Needs a sharpen though

A few empty pens, my portable hard drive, my iPod cord, and a pair of nail clippers. Can you say "most elaborate MacGuyver death trap ever?"

Either my Nintendo DS Lite, or a Backscratcher... Hm, tough choice. I don't want to lose my DS... But the backscratcher might be a better choice of weapon!

toilet paper...damb

Three and a half foot long hand and a half sword. I think im sitting pretty.
(I had been messing with ti earlier so it's right next to me)

My tv 21inch tv. It's got handles and it is rather heavy so it would do rather well actually.

A paper bag from the pharmacy with a bunch of addresses of nice homes for sale on it...
wish me luck.

ah Trust M9 Pistol =D
Note to self: BUY AMMO

"The snack that fights back, Goldfish!"

I am starting to question what people keep in their house and near them and their sanity

Edit: well i was trying to quote someone but of course idk how to on here but it was suppose to be quoting the guy with a claymore on his right hand side

A roll of toilet paper: I think I can safely say CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!

No shit - about two-dozen straight razors. I think I could deal.

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