The Object to your left is now your weapon of choice in the upcoming weapon apocalypse, What is it?

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A cheap plastic calculator.....

I cacluate my chances of survival as less than rosy!

The closest object to the left of me is this

I guess I'm saved then!

A tube of toothpaste. Cleanliness and hygiene is the natural enemy of zombies, so I think my chances are pretty good.

A lava lamp!! ummmmm.....damn :(

all right! im good to go!

My inhaler.

At least I can run like a bitch and not have an attack...

A tool box looks im fine why i have a tool box next to my bed still is beyond me.

A piano keyboard...

it isn't that heavy, so i might be able to at least hurt one zombie.

A coat hanger for stabbing the eyes of my enemies!
I'm screwed...

Mine's a wooden slab that normally covers a stove. Not very aerodynamic, but all told, it could be a lot worse.
Unless they take a slightly less literal definition of left and I end up with an oven mitt. That would be bad.

(yes I use my laptop in the kitchen don't judge me)

My bed? if i turn a little bit more i got my lamp..

I guess i'm fucked.

Yerba Mate tea gourd... I guess I can stab the zombies in the eyes with the bombilla :D?

A solid iron, blunted practice sword.

Provided my arm doesn't snap, I should be good.

My headset.......great

My electric guitar, i guess it might hurt someone WITH EPIC SOLO'S!!!!!XD

Newspaper...hmm unless i become bullseye, i guess i am screwed.

A JVC video player. could be worse... somehow.

My dog.

So once I train her to rip someones throat safe.

My Logitech controller... I might try using it as a flail...

A pack of tobacco. I suppose I could try and give my enemies cancer....

There's a fluffy dressing-gown on the floor. It could be a good smothering device, or at least something for the zombie to nuzzle while I flee.

Deck of cards.

Well, at least I won't be bored.

A fucking massive printer (with inbuilt scanner!)...It's heavy but I dunno how long it'd last being smashed into the faces of zombies.

A remote control. I should be fine as long as it turns out to be the one from Click.

A pillow... :(

A lotion that smells faintly like lemon. Yup, I'm screwed.

A guitar? FUCK YES!

I don't care if I die, if L4D2 is any indication I'll probably go down like a badass.

I'm in luck, I have a stand to the left of my computer desk holding a katana, a wakizashi and a tanto. I'm all set.

plastic rules of 21 cm...yep, i'm fucked

I actually get choices.....mostly cause Im a slob and just pile so much junk next to me.

So.....I got some small boxes, a FLCL dvd, and yugioh cards.....

.....yep, Im screwed.

My towel!
Damn, that's only useful for Galactic Hitchhiking :(

all right! im good to go!

Well said idodo35, well said :P

... I bet the OP cheated...

I have a coaster. Or rather, a makeshift coaster. It is a CD with a piece of plastic over it. So, I guess that's two items. And since the plastic is on top, I only get that.

A flimsy circle of plastic about right centimetres across. I don't think I need to spell my chances out to anyone...

A pillow. Oh dear.
I guess smothering zombies doesn't really do much.
But I guess I could take the feathers out and tickle them to death...

A half eaten cup of spicy noodles
I guess I can throw it in someones eyes and beat them up for their weapon.


Those zombies stand no chance against this!

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