The Object to your left is now your weapon of choice in the upcoming weapon apocalypse, What is it?

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Maybe shocking a zombie's rotting head will fry the brain...

pls explain
for me i have a TV remote

Mora Bushknife, razor sharp.

Come at me zombro.

Mine's a hyper-active terrier.....

A rubix cube or a toothbrush. Decisions decisions...


a wicker chair. Could be better, could be far worse.

A belt?

Oh I am SOOOOO f**ked.


A hat. I'm screwed.

A plastic bag. Completely useless against a zombie. I don't think a zombie can be suffocated and I'm sure the bag would break before it could rip off its head.

oh thank Butterfly Knife

Time to Kill zombies TF2 Spy Style!!

A curtain ...
A curtain OF MASS DESTRUCTION THAT IS HAHAHAAAaaaaa no, it's ... it's a curtain.

Since i just got done demolishing a shed the objects next to me are a giant sledge-hammer and a giant crowbar. Dammit why did my neighbor leave the chainsaw downstairs?! Why? (not kidding, had to get rid of a tree too) This could have been 120% cooler.

A hair band... Are you fucking shitting me?

Why left? ARGH! My firearm cabinet is to the right and that finger was pointing directly at one of these

A pair of chopsticks....and a packet of half full tic-tacs IM SAVED!

actually, my Glock 23 is on my nightstand. so woot! .40S&W win!

My wooden two handed katana...pretty sweet, but still I wish I had an actual blade but a wooden one can still bash the hell out of anything!

I have a leather cushion... Bring it!

A glass window. Hmmm if I smash it with the object to my right (a TV remote) I could use an long shard as a dagger if I wrap my shirt around it. So I think I have a fighting chance

A bottle of Jameson 12 year old Whiskey, I think I can may be fend some zombies off but it will leave a sour taste in my mouth when the bottle breaks.

Oh actually, I have an illegal, black-steel, ninja sword conveniently placed directly next to me while I happen to be on the Internet.
True story.

A rubber duck that sits next to my computer, with glow in the dark capabilities when submerged in water.

Useful, if I get stuck in a watery cave and need to see an inch in front of me. Not useful for slaying the undead...

anyone know how i can use my ipod to kill enemies?

1x tissue, unused.

Which means that I will have the means to provide myself with temporary, minor relief from at least one symptom of the common cold.

OK. Well, it was fun, guys.

A belt?

Oh I am SOOOOO f**ked.


You could give them a whipping

A Tin Whistle :D
How awesome will I be in apocalypse? The answer is- very much :D

My meds. I got the common cold...

Well I'm screwed. I'm sure there's a joke here somewhere I just can't find it.

My Green ASDA/Walmart Hat. Not sure it will achieve anything except i will look like a tool when i become a zombie or just die.

ha just finished messing about with my electric guitar before I went on the internet so that is literally just to my left kind of lucky really otherwise I would be stuck with a soft cushion.

A Printer.

Damn it...

They shall call me, THE PRINTER SLAYER!

My wifes small, extrememly furry hamster Casper.

It's cage is between our PC tables.

I could throw him at whoever is attacking me and run away I suppose.

A plastic pen, well they say it's mightier than the sword!

A rubber band ball. *Insanity Prawn Boy laugh*. Bouncey, bouncey!

Ipod touch?

Well, i can at least listen to music in the short minutes left of my life as i run.

An iPod.

I'm pretty sure they are the cause of the zombie apocalypse. If you don't believe me, look at the people riding on the bus in the mornings.

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