The above user should never...

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Say something that the user above you should never, ever do.

try to finish diablo 2 on hell with a sorceress...

just... dont...

Buy the game Timeshift.

Morph into Sacman! For the love of god, stop the ellipsis flood...



It has begun...

join team rocket.

Work on a magnetic train.

be in Washington D.C. a little over an hour ago.

Steal my starfish.

Buy that timeshare in Florida with that sleazy looking real estate dude. You're going to be throwing money out the window! D:

Let other people drive your car. D;

Mess with Timelord.

Use inception to convince someone important at EA to go pick on a Japanese indie developer.

Should never try to steal from Ash or his friends ever again, you guys just don't seem to have very good luck with him. D:

Have any kind of web browser open while attempting to do holiday homework. ;3

Promise to help run a brony podcast.

press the red button

Not press the spinning button.

go to work in a hotel in the Catskills for seven weeks straight. even for lots of money.

Not sleep and eat(I mean not eat) for 1 week straight, seriously you start hallucinating, and you'll probably pass out for a few days so DON'T.

Start a thread about the tiger that's eating them.

Stop using Fuuko avatars...

Stop using cute avatars.

Stop watching anime.

Harm me.

Stop thinking.

Stop breathing.

Stop living.

Steal my anime posters.

tackle with his head locked down...

The user above me should never papercut his eyelid.

drink, drive and slam-dunk at the same time...

Put a extra Rocket into a already loaded RPG.

...Look down a "Dud' firework unless he never wants to shave for a coupla years

Trust me on this :(

Do something along the lines of:

try to out-smart a bullet...

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