The above user should never...

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confuse me for dessert

Tempt me with desert.

ask what's the history of cinco de mayo

Know what the history of cinco de mayo is.

Make pancakes! O.O

Make MANcakes!

Play for the world highscore in desert bus

Play the ET game!

Cosplay ET O.O

picture me as a girl.

Tempt me into doing just that.

Steal my money!

Leave his money out in the open.

Get within range...

Fire at me, it won't end well >:D

For me >.<

Get... shot through the heart!

Get shot in the hat.

Bring a knife to a gun fight!

Bring a gun to a rocket launcher fight.

Fart in a space suit!

(C-c-c-combo breaker!)

Break combos, Or have an awesome avatar :P

let a good souffle go to waste.

Miss his shout at the pub.

take off your clothes in public

Be Jesus!

Spot jesus

Party hard with jesus!

Do the Jesus dance!

Run 55mph... into a brick wall

Put a wall in my path.

Make love to them! O.O

Eat Bender's cooking.

Eat a big heaping bowl of salt

or give me an indecipherable captcha

Eat my face.

Eat my shorts.

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