The above user should never...

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Walk backwards!

Walk on your hands!

play basketball with you tail

Have a tail O_O

yhjugtf vgfb vgfxcxc xcxcxcvgfrb

(type with your face!)

Challenge me!

w2yhaqt nho9w!
(what now!)

type with your spleen...

though it would make for an interesting afternoon...

Be a doctor!

Be a nurse O_O

Love'in it! ;D


Love me D:

Love! O.O

Love to hate!

hate to love!

Contradict me!

Think love it bad!

Think hate is bad!

contract me

Hire himself out D:

Not be happy!

Be happy >:D


About a thing!

About nothing!

derail this thread with a razor

Derail this thread with a monkey >.>

steal my monkey D:<

derail this thread with two prostitutes and 200$

Steal my banana!

Edit: Steal my prostitutes! and my money!

think he has money left...

>.> <.<

Think that was all of my money

lie about the amount of money he has left

still think he has any money left
*counts new 'legally'-obtained currency*

Think he can get away with robbing me

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