The above user should never...

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try to play the donut stock market!

invested on one donut bills!

Invest in some no name donut company!

try to play the donut stock market!

Not follow the Dough Jones 100

Make me LOL, people start to look at me funny >.>

call himself jeff vader

Now I might just do that >.>

OT: Decide what I should call myself >.>

Why does he look so weird! >.>

OT: Post something funny, My humor has died out long ago


Say something randomly!

communicate with clones

Think grape's a clone, actually thats ok >:D

Take about games I've never played!

tell us not to talk about tf2!

Exclude Me D:

(I can't play TF2 yet, I need memory space >.>)

forget to expand his memory space...

Use a human brain for more memory space!

Think that I have an awesome hard drive >.>

use a sock as a sock-drawer

Use a big drawer to hold his small drawers >.>

use a small drawer to hold smaller drawers that hold his big drawers...

that hold the sun...

Make so many drawerceptions >.>

Have a PC! >:D

go deeper into the drawer

Tempt him into doing it >.>

resist temptation!

Make me doubt my decision >.>

not doubt anything in life! including this sentence!

get locked into an neverending circle of 3 users.

write with as bad grammar as me!

Not know there is an edit button >.>

Be afraid to show your mistakes!

mistake in the first place!

Lick a sidewalk!

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