The above user should never...

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offer soda for references....

Shave a monkey and try to pass it for a human child

pass a human child to a monkey who will try to shave him...

Do things with monkeys.

Leave the house without clothes on. *narrows eyes*

Fly so high!

Try and stage coups on small island nations for their own personal fun. D:

Stop exterminating.

The universe needs you man!

^Why? she's decently tame. Sorta. Ok 4 outta 10 times nothing too bad will happen.

...Cross the streams

She could (and possibly would) destroy you with a mere thought. I wouldn't try it...

For those who don't know...

You decide for yourself.

OT: Drink beer. You're clearly driving 24/7, don't make me tell you not to. D:

^Yes but she is still...somewhat sane and friendly. And is that any better than the rest of that place full of humanitarian youkai... and yuuka.

...mix up a raw stake and cholera. It seems like a simple mistake but it will end in tears

Do a G6.

Do a barrel roll.

Bring it... especially when I'm around

Set fire to sleeping giants

Wear shoes in my room.

Try to sing "Tommy the Cat" Or "end of the world as we know it" backwards

Think they can beat Les Claypool on a bass off.

Get into a string cutting competition with Yngwie Malmsteen

Watch Glee... >.>

Use tomato soup and cheese sticks as a substitute for tomato sauce and cheese when making a pizza.

Click the red button.

press the muffin button without sharing >.>

Try to steal my Salsa.

Rematch in the drink off! XD

try to hide his salsa from me

Steal my chips.

Play hide and seek with scissors.

Play rock, paper, scissors with a bear.

Stay up all night on the escapist. :P

Take off that damn hat. IT LOOKS AWESOME

Change that avatar! it amuses me ^-^

But I like to change every now and then.

Well Its had I good run! I'm happy to have seen it at the least. ^-^

OT: Obey crazy people like me!

Change his avatar.

Dance with the devil in a pale moonlight.

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