The above user should never...

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Foil my nefarious plans.

Kill anyone!

Throw a mustache at me.

Came at me bro.

Come at me with a mustache.

Double post! >.>

Make me check if I double posted <.<

Follow me into the back of my van candy.

Lure people into the back of his van for free candy.

Hypnotize me with his avatar.

try to fly with his arms

Pay for games! D:

Try and kidnap children with hitherto unknown vast psychic powers

Teach telekinesis in schools!

Teach math in school!

Teach Maths in school!

Teach grammar in school.

get nervous at auditions, especially for characters they have wanted to play for a while....

@Soup: Sorry, But what is the word you call "grammar"? X3

OT: Get nervous!

Not get nervous!

Not discover awesome bands like Static X and Spineshank.

Think I haven't! :

drink constantly.

Think I don't!

run to the hills, and for his life

Be a wordsmith.

be a black-lumber-jack

always look on the brightside of life

Blast Metallica at 7 in the morning...


Set off fireworks in a microphone...

Set off fireworks under my grandmother D:<

Make a dead baby joke.

Steal my TV.

Steal my cake, I will fight to the death for it!

Eat his cake, because then you can't have it.

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