The above user should never...

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be seen without a hat.

Swallow goldfish crackers whole

wear badly photo-shopped sunglasses

Steal my bed with me on it.

Go skydiving without a parachute.

Meet the Ghostbusters.

Drink tomato juice.

It's horrible.

Drink it! D:

tell people to drink tomato juice

Insult my glasses

try to join the fbi

Recite poetry without a licence.

write creepycopypasta

Not play Amnesia! X3

force me to have even worse sleepless nights ;_;

*holds* another victim to Amnesia: TDD, when will it end! WHEN!!! D:

OT: Play Jumanji with Robin William!

I have that game somewhere here!

OT: play risk with kramer and newman

Play the game called Lies :3

challenge me to a game of wits

assume your wits can beat The Riddler's mine

Try the radioactive eye drops again.

Sing with a mouthful of marshmallows

Dance on marbles.

Think the Game starts here.

Go home with Jeffrey Dahmer for some screaming coffee.

Try to run.

You their heart to cool drinks in the summer! :3

troll the princess of trolling

Say something!

stop exploding you coward!

Tell me to keep exploding!

be such a coward!

Go into limbo with me.

Limbo = game?

OT: Run at giant spiders!

rock out with your thingie out...

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