The above user should never...

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challenge me to an honor duel!

Think I have honor to uphold!

Compare ponies to Raul Julia

Talk about stuff! D:

complain about a plane

Talk them scary things!

try to form sentenses.

Tempt the sick!!! >:D

Post links!

post ponies while mods are asleep

Think they sleep!

think they're machines planning on pulling a pinky and the brain

Be on to them and their theme song!

think they know what THE BRAIN is thinking about

guess that it's about BRAINS!

Stop me playing TF2 for an up-date! I blame you!

never stop tf2.
You'll never get all the hats that way...

do the Napoleon Dynamite Dance Scene for your high school's talent show.

Cause I'll be the one doing that.

Remind me my high school doesn't have a talent show for some reason.

try to be lazier than the furniture.

Force me to move, do anything physical, or enter the sunlight.

go around searching for some night mamas.

Tell someone you want to 'Snu Snu' them O.o

Give me the raspberry.

drink juice through there nose.

Think it tastes better that way! :3

Cleanse the world in the fires of destruction.

Suffer the heretic to live.

Have a white horse!

Throw a beard at me.

Play games! XD

Wonder what side Batman's on. xD

The side that kicks ass?

OT: wonder who the gender bender is! >.>

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