The above user should never...

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kill a man using only a stick with a shark tied to the end.

look though a telescope.
unless you want the whole "IM A FIRIN MA LAZOR" thing

Fire a lazer at lazer!

Run me over with a row boat.

Wonder where I GOT the rowboat.

Invade my dreams.

Think xmbts doesn't do that! D:

Fire a seal cannon at me.

Be in the way! ;3

Get out of the way!

Stay in the way!

walk this way

Talk this way.

just give me a kiss!

*Guitar riff*

OT: Go out fishing on a city street.

forget the line "like this"...

I am disappoint...

Let me post again.

*Hangs head in shame*

disgrace us all like that ever again!

go out in public without a permit to do so.

Possess a permit without a permit that allows possession of permits.


Look at trains.

Have intimate relations with a train.

Have intimate relations with a train.

Crap! Double post! Now I can't have sex with a train!

Call a triple post a double post! D=>

build the pyramids as the mongols... it just doesnt make sense!

wrestle Edge and Christian in a TLC match.

Search for Tifa, Selphie, Quistis, or any FF character for that matter in google images.

Make your final boast in front of a cannon.

Wonder why you can't have your cake AND eat it too. (I HATE that phrase. xD)

Try and fight Lee Van Cleef.

Forget to turn left

Bite into ice! :3

Not bite into ice =D

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