The above user should never...

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Stay up until 2:00 in the morning reading clopfics.

It was worth it.

Every say the word "Clopfics" again unless you want to see your Dog/Cat/Loved one/ Newt alive again.

kill my pets/loved ones.

Encourage them...

believe that just because they can imagine it, they can do it also.

Use the regular mail service.

Expect any kind of delivery to arrive within the time frame specified. >.<

Expect to hang onto that Innocence

Try to take it! O.O

try and sell lemonade a block away from a cute little girl..

Talk about someone behind their backs then not expect them to get all piss-angry at you. xD

try to play hopscotch in a minefield.

use my old laptop.

Go to make a cup of tea, forget you've put a teabag in, then decide you want coffee, add a spoonful of coffee and then continue making the drink as normal. IT IS NOT NICE.

Get lazy and eat coffee out of the tub... It's terrible!

Get distracted while dunking a biscuit in a cup of tea. It ends badly. ;-;

Try to turn on the electricity by putting keys where a plug obviously belongs. >.> Not that I did. Okay. Okay. I was 5. T_T

Be allowed near keys and plug sockets again! *dramatic chord*

That's actually funny since I'm listening to Blue Danube

OT: Should never give pony rides. Trust me. Kids are brutal.

Sound so wrong! O.O

Take a shot of tequila and squirt lemon in his eye.

Challenge me to a drinking contest! :3

Woooaaaahhhh there Pyra!!! Challenge Accepted!

OT: Drink a Walking With Jesus and follow it with the chaser. Blah!

An ethanol drinking contest it is! You first! :3

OT: Not know your Science. :3

*lights a cigarette*
Okay. Here we g...
*bursts into flames*

OT: Fool me once.

Be fooled by science! :3

throw a rave party in the morning after a night of heavy drinking.

Drink lighter than heavy! :3

try to pet a dog with rabies.

Watch the movie "old Yeller".

Jump into a deep fryer.

NO U! at any given time! :3

Overuse shockisms.

Think Shock owns them. :3

hit the spacebar with one's pinky.

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