The above user should never...

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Quote Batman.

Like the any of the old Batman movies.

Glue your hat to your head and your hand to your hat.

Seriously, don't.

Oh wait...

Go to an anime convention.

They will be mobbed and possibly torn apart.

try to achieve the world's high score in desert bus...

Have a breath holding contest with a corpse

try to seduce james bond...

Annoy Marneus Calgar...

convince a commissar not to hit them with his sword...

Try to hold off a mammoth tank swarm

turtle and tech-up with zerg :P

Should never go to Ravenholm.

ride a bike without wheels

Go back in time to kill Hitler and then Albert einstein

put a horadric cube inside a horadric cube 0.0

Annoy me anyway possible.

Sit on the box containing our universe

meet my dog...

Wonder into my house. :P

Make faces at GlaDOS while testing with her.

Eat coffee.

drink cupcakes...

though it does sound tasty...

Watch Skyline. :P

Sit on my face and tell me you love me

Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth.

Hug a deathclaw, tell a super mutant that it's pretty and ask a mirelurk for a haircut

shut his eyes when I knock on the door...

Try and anger sharks while being inside the same tank as them. That never ends well and you should know better! D:

Make toast in the bath

Break the rules! O.O

Go one on one with THE GREAT ONE!

jump the shark

Get mad before getting even.

Try to out run a lion. o_o

Stop moderating.

*thumbs up*

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