The above user should never...

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live in a subway. >.>

try to out last the Energizer Bunny.

Have his cake and not eat it too.

Dr Susse, you should never Panic!

Not welcome people! :3

blast Metallica at 4:00 in the morning.

@First: I'm gonna need a really good reason not to! :3

OT: Eat lava! :3

taste the rainbow!

Ignore the pot o' gold!

eat his lucky-charms with leprechaun-blood instead of milk

Awaken dark comedy!

Put dark comedy back to sleep.


try to balance a tree on hit chin.

Stop looking.

enter a pie throwing contest with a clown.

Fist fight with a Predator.

Fight water with fire!

think it's all just a game.

Attempt to GENTLEMEN.

Abandon Fuuko.

Get so drunk that fall asleep half way on the walk home.

double-jump IRL

try to communicate with a ditzy girl. Via texting. While she's crying.

Fight your shadow!

pretend you're knife proof when you're actually not.

Stop using the Planet Express logo as his avatar.

Use a bad avatar. :3

Hug a zombie.

But it's the only cure! Why do you think I keep doing it!

OT: Not cure people!

confuse curing people with getting horribly mutilated...

I keep telling you, blood flowing everywhere isnt a sign of it working!

I don't hear them complaining!

Forget correct grammar...

Think I wouldn't see that edit!

Think I was trying to hide my edit.

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