The above user should never...

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Edit for unknown reasons!

Write creepy fan fic.

Think I can write!

Get his post eaten.

Be able to tell! O.O

Get alcohol poisoning.

Have watched Pokemon.

read the teachings of karl meowx...

try and teach my mother how to use skype.. what a headache..

Try to get my mother to use a computer.

Drink a Pan galactic gargleblaster.

drive into a drive-through and expect them to pay for the repairs for "misleading" you

Tell me to stop.

explain his devious plan before executing it

Wolf down Long John Silvers, thinking you won't pay for it later.

Be a ninja. >.>

Freeze up his heart.

have a cold shower. >.<

Dance the dance of shadows.

Blast Pantera as a method to wake you up in the morning.

Forget to honor the dead.

Be anti social.

Trade everything he owns for the answer to life.

(The answer is to be happy with what you've got.)

inturrupt a mexican during their siesta.

Steal a hat!

wear a steel hat.

Break hearts.

Wrap my heart in chains...

Listen to Alice In Chains...<.<

Listen to (Take These) Chains <.<

I like that song >.> <.<

OT: Listen to what you like. (clearly the wrong thing to do) XD

@Pyra: Actually I quite like it, too, I was just trying to keep the chains theme.

OT: Throw a gondola at me.

@Dango: Haza! *head hurts*

OT:Not use spoiler tags! :3

Break hearts.

Copy me. >.>

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