The above user should never...

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Try to be me.

Not possible :3

OT: be unhappy I don't have a headset... >.>

Turn down the chance to buy a headset.

But money! ;-;

OT: Get into the red. >.<

Offer to pay the bar tab.

Not drink cider! >:3

Fly a lead zeppelin.

Throw a fiddle at me.

Challenge the devil to a fiddle fight...

Steal Christmas.

Reference the grinch remake...<.<

Watch antiques roadshow while drunk.

Give birth to a child...

Explode suddenly...

Date Big Bertha.

Emot on a daily business!

Kill time literally.

Paradoxes are how I lost a kidney.

stop watching Desert Bus.

run across a warzone in heart boxers singing My Little Pony songs at the top of his lungs

Say never again.

say what one more time

Say it. >.<

blitz the ballroom

Rush, Rush.

puff puff, give

Be possessed by a creature from beyond the veil of time at a dinner party. It's rude

Become Richard Nixon.

emancipate the red baron (I guess?)

Get nick's suit wet.

tell me who nick is, because I really dont want to know

make accusations in Clue.

accuse someone of being a clue

play cluedo

play diplomacy with 3 rocks, a twig and osama bin laden

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