The above user should never...

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Shout to see if dragons notice you... they do... <.<

Take off your fedora (then we will know that you are bald!)

Play Hexic. >.>

Mix yoghurt with vodka to make Vodhurt.

Fus ro dah in public!

wiggle his staff of penetration +69 in public

Do a nudey run through a church/synagogue/ place of worship.

create a religion where full nudity is mandatory during prayer

Not join my new naked religion.

We have nothing to hide.

hide something in his religion...

it will be found soon enough...

That's disturbingly true.

OT: mistake a discount doctor surgery for a real thing.

try to convince people he's actually optimus prime

Try to revive a thread <.<

Should never try to revive the dead without a shotgun near by.

Remind me to commit acts of necromancy.

Go to a children's park with their pants down. xD

Try to complete a thousand piece puzzle.

Wear sunglasses

Stop watching ponies.

Bother to rescue the princess again.

Kidnap the princess again.

Try lutefisk.

google blue waffle

Use google.

Eat his own pinkies.

Try to find ME!!

Try to kill me...seriously don't try it. It can only end badly.

Stoke the astral fire.

understand what goes inside the mind of @thebobmus

Change his avatar.

Is that a compliment. :D

OT: Make snow cones...especially the yellow ones.

...Umm yes.

They should never try anything evil in my presence.

Should never think that fire causes more destruction than healing.

Deny themselves of sleep when they're quite clearly exhausted.

Steal the official Grenhell flamethrower.

Don't jump into the lion pit during food time, no matter how hungry you are.

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