The above user should never...

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Should never think that just because they're lawful good, they can't rule the world

Should never think that fire causes more destruction than healing.

Deny themselves of sleep when they're quite clearly exhausted.

Steal the official Grenhell flamethrower.

Don't jump into the lion pit during food time, no matter how hungry you are.

Miss the sheath.

Quote internet memes out of context.

Never jump into a vat of acid.

Become a lion.

attack a lion

Should never let me leave again...

Should never enter a mysterious portal to another dimension again. You've been gone for YEARS!

Should never manage to somehow have a corrupted iPod.

Should never have corrupted my iPod in the first place. It was a 160 GB classic that was completely filled and organized and had all the album art! Dammit!

Should never blame fellow escapists for Apple's shortcomings.

Should never have destroyed Apple's R&D facility for the hell of it. Look at what you've done!

Eat a pancake...YOU'LL DOOM US ALL!

Nom nom nom... whut? *Planet explodes*

On Topic:
Should never have sneaked into that locker room to steal all the panties. That's just evil.

Should never have thought that plan up.

Should never have encouraged me to think up plans involving locker rooms and panties.

Should never need encouragement in the first place

Should of never thought that he needed encouragement in the first place.
Also damn you Overpuce. marking me a perv. >_<

Should have never underestimated the powers of the Puce and his rapist wit.

Become a rapist and dance in front of Children naked.

What he said.

Repeat whatever someone else said, bad things happen.

Should never have told Dango that copying someone isn't the sincerest form of flattery.

say what around Samuel L. Jackson

Should never insult Samuel L Jackson!

Should never insult Samuel L Jackson!

Very true.

simply walk into Mordor

Take Saurons contact lenses!

Eat Sauron's orc ear soup!

Never, and I mean never piss off a bipolar Scorpio woman during her time of the month.
She will rip you a new one!
Help me! My sister is evil!

Attack your sister during the aforementioned timeframe!

Should never go singing in the rain. You'll drown.

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