The above user should never...

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Be a turkey. You'd die of stupid.

Be a turducken... don't be one.

Try to be his avatar irl.

Never wink as long as their avatar does IRL.

Never have that facial expression irl.

divide by zero

Watch a rated R movie.

Play an EC game.

Look up anything they love on google images with the safety filters off...

Meet random people on Craigslist.

Go on chat roulette...

Ride a bicycle when you're drunk. Bruises. All. Over.

Drink a shot of an unknown drink.

eat george clinton's pet cock.

Have a staring contest with the sun!

Fire a T-Shirt at an old lady.
It may seem funny, but then the lawsuit comes...

Wear the T-shirt after firing it at the old lady...

Wear the old lady like a T-shirt.

Wear an ascot (doesn't suit you)

Never dangle a carrot in front of a hobo and try to have him pull you like a horse.
Hobo power is not the most potent power. Everyone knows that orphans are the best power.

Throw a grenade into a firework factory...with yourself inside...

Never ever ever breathe deeply when in New York city.

Never cook someone alive.

Never kill someone with a rotten fish stick.

Never eat undercooked eggs (something a friend did a little while ago and regretted)

Never ever EVER EVER give money to a homeless midget.

Never make fun of a dwarf holding a pickaxe.

Never taunt a monkey holding an Uzi.

Never wear white after labour day.
(I don't know why not either)

Never cover yourself in cat-nip and walk into a cat shelter.

Never fuck a cat

Never teach a monkey how to operate a turret.
Nothing good will come from it!

Never think nothing good will come of something! ;3

Never cook a crocodile alive on a grill.

Never cook a grill on a crocodile that is dead. You can't eat grills

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