The above user should never...

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sit while you run

Run while you walk with a turkey sub.

fly while you walk a dog who's running a marathon of seinfeld re-runs...

Break this combo...

Watch TV.

tell robo-puppy to lick you cheek

Try to fly

Stay bored!


Attack me with household objects.

be a Hipster.

Eat cherry pop tarts.

pyramid head grape:
Eat cherry pop tarts.

you sir are a disgrace!

OT: insult pop-tarts! EVER!

listen to mainstream pop.

Try to ride a pony



Try to fly a kite.

Hug a cactus

marry a space-probe

hug a space probe

Pull the pin outta a grenade and throw it...

Get any taller....haha, like that will happen...wait im sure he/she is short!

Jump on the bed.

Become the bed.

be one with the spud

Become THE chosen one.

@storm Ok,I am Asian, but I'm one of those rare tall Asians.(Such puny people, I can crush by sitting on them!)

Eat the marble,Wash the marble, Date the marble, BE the marble(half a free internet for the reference)

@M0rp Okay then, gotcha! (Also spongebob ref, got that one, haha)

Eat a clown.

Eat a zombie clown! O.O

Eat a clown with a hat.

eat a hat with a clown

Deny me my human sacrifice.

become a villain...

too late...

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