The above user should never...

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^^I didn't deny it, I just wanted it when you were done with it

Convert a guitar into a slingshot

Decide to leave their umbrella in their locker, and instead just walk home in the rain.

On a related note, I now have a cold.

Blow his nose.

blow his mind!

Blow up!

blow down

Blow away!

Mind blown.


Mistake this for another thread.


OT: Derail stuff :P

Assume I was talking about him with my last post.

allow himself to be ninja'd this quickly

Hunt down homeless people for sport with a pulse rifle... that's just evil you know. D:

tell me how I should spend my thursday afternoons!

Play amnesia at night, alone, with the lights off and headphones . O.O

Not ruin the atmosphere with happy J-pop!

;~; It's a crime!

OT: Watch Baccano!

Its mine all mine!!! O.O

Try to keep me away from an anime.

Try to make me into a woman..

Try to make a combo!

Try to break a combo!

Why do people continue to do this it hurts their cars >.<

Combo broken >:D

Try and break the try combo. you can try! xD

It has been done once and I can do it again.

Try to fight back! >:D

Try to derail this thread.

use Starfish as a weapon!

pyramid head grape:
Try to fight back! >:D

Try me!

OT: use a sea turtle as a weapon

Try him!

he doesn't fit very well XD

attempt any combos, I am here to break them >:D

begin a fight with a man with a great hat.

Begin a fight with a bear with a great hat

Begin a fight with Yahtzee.

Give you up,
Let you down,
Turn around and
desert you.

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