Excuse me...

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Excuse me, *steals* :3

Excuse me, I have to rescue someone from a time traveling robot in order to preserve the future

Excuse me, My eyes explode upon pushing this button *push*

Excuse me, I have to slay a dragon with a toothpick

Excuse me, I am the dragon and you think you can slay me with a toothpick!?!?!?

Excu~se me but who do you think I am?

(Captcha thinks I'm insolent plystere. Isn't "Insolent" one of the words villains use that guarantee their defeat?)

Excuse me, But I see you as a small man with a toothpick!

Excuse me, but Nyan Cat wants to go for a ride.

Excuse me, the pirate won't let him >.>

Excuse me, gentlemen!

Excuse me, what are YOU doing here?

Excuse me, I've mainframes to hack!

Excuse me, my mainframes are being hacked by someone!

Excuse me, haters gonna hate! XD

Excuse me, Haters aren't allowed in here!

Excuse me, they're everywhere! D:

Excuse me, I need to get the fire!

Excuse me but why is your face a crab! D:

Excuse me, but is that a skunk behind your back?

Excuse me, the bus is in ten minutes!

Excuse me, I'm a vampire!

Excuse me, I'm a traveling vampire slayer. *SilvergarlicStake'd!*
...Well, Awkward~

Excuse me, I am so terrified right now I can't think *falls over*

Excuse me I have to go do secret Australian things.

Excuse me, You Australians and your secret cults >.>

Excuse me, I'm in the search of a french war hero

Excuse me, My guitar is calling me! D:

Excuse me, you play the guitar very badly >.>

Excuse me, that's because it's an air guitar! :3

Excuse me, but I'm the hell outta here!

Excuse me, my guitar is gently weeping

Excuse me, My guitar is very lonely as I never play it D:

(If this is true, my heart goes out to it)

Excuse me but I'm off to hangar 18

Excuse me, but True story D:

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