Excuse me...

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Excuse me, but the last time the alignment changed, Shakespeare started writing plays.

Or so they want you to believe. >.>

excuse me, but that's a load of garbage!

shakespeare never wrote plays, he was an astronaut!

He traveled to Uranus and found beauty there!

unfortunately he caught a very nasty disease there which only resides in uranus...

Nasty indeed. Poor lad.

well, he knew the dangers going in...

And documented them well for the generations to come.

Excuse me, all your bases are belong to us! :D

Excuse me, I have no bases.

Excuse me, but I have donated my share of bases to you.


Excuse me, but I'm in no mood for bases.

Excuse me, but these bastards over cooked my fish.

Excuse me, I drove here.

Excuse me but, there was no runway here until yesterday. o.o

Excuse me, *drives away on ice car*.

Excuse me, but your car will melt! D:

Excuse me, but it's a Nissan.

Okay okay... IT'LL EXPLODE!

Excuse me, but my car seems to have exploded. Damn.

Excuse me, I'm taking the hint and congratulating you on getting your permit/license.

Excuse me, but I've never driven a car in my life.

Excuse me, I have and it feels awesome. :3

excuse me, but it's not that special really...
unless you have good music to listen to, then it's awesome indeed...

It's the awesome music which makes it awesome. :3

excuse me, but that's a terrible excuse!

still right, though...

Excuse me, what?!


Excuse me....

I have a bus to catch. *drags bus to the ocean*

excuse me, but you'll need better bait *gives bus-bait*

*uses bus-bait* Buses from the Christmas Past! So many buses! O.O

there's nothing more peaceful then bus-fishing in the middle of the sea...

I know right? The peaceful sound of the horns from beneath the depths.

the warmth of the wheels of your first catch of the day...

Such a sweet sweet endeavor.

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