Excuse me...

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Excuse me, but the internet is not friendly today.

Excuse me, this wont load >.<

Excuse me, you're too cute. D:

Excuse me, I must go learn to be less cute then XD

Excuse me, you should do no such thing.

Excuse me, das mine! O.O

Excuse me you know to much.

*Fires blow-dart*

Excuse me..... *Is hit by blow dart and passes out*

Excuse me, I seem to be out of wine.

Excuse me, I've got vents to crawl through.

Excuse me, ... I never asked for this!

Excuse me, what a shame.

Excuse me, a bomb is a bad choice for close range combat!

Excuse me, my vision is augmented.

Excuse me, my hat requires cleaning.

Excuse me, my goldfish requires cleaning.

Excuse me, my post that someone stole and turned into something else needs rescuing.

Excuse me, I am being rescued.

Excuse me, that is all!

Excuse me I'm eating soup.

Excuse me, the end of the world is today!

Excuse me, I stole all my money and you have to pay the bill.


Excuse me, but you're not very interesting company.

Excuse me, I have world to rule!

Excuse me but there's this bus I have to drive and if it gets under 55mph-*Boom*

Excuse me father! ^-^

Excuse me, I spill my drink.

Excuse me, I don't know you.

Excuse me I thought you were the king of Denmark, now I shall leave *smoke cloud*

Excuse me but my home planet is calling me
[exits via a pillar of light, accompanied by angelic choir]

Excuse me God has a mission for me. [Lightning hits me and now I am gone!]

Excuse me, but there's a Pyramid Head behind me that wants to kill me for posting on his turf. Plus, why do you always have to have your thumb up? It's annoying. D:

*Flies out through window in a flashy manner*

That was very unfriendly. I just like doing this pose!

Now excuse me now I must go. *Gets hit by a army jeep* TO ADVENTUUUUUrrreeeee.....

Excuse me, but I'm stupid.

Excuse me but I have to double for Castro.

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