Excuse me...

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Excuse me, but I love top gear!!

Excuse me, but who doesn't?

Excuse me, sick, sick people. We should help them, and pity them.

Excuse me, but Top Gear rules!

Excuse me, but I think you'll find that I rule...

Excuse me, but I think you are made up yourself...

Excuse me, I'm sleepy.

Excuse me, but I love it when British people say rubbish.

Excuse me, but this thread is slowing down recently.

Excuse me, but *throws cat*.

Excuse me, did you drop your cat???

'Scuse meh, but that cat seems to have stolen my martini.

Excuse me, it was doing you a favour, you've had enough.

Excuse me, cats don't do favors.

Excuse me, but my cat is robbing a bank.

Excuse me, but cats have DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITAY.

Excuse me but are you sure the cat is not being payed by terrorists?

Excuse me, but the Escapist ate my earlier post! D:

Excuse me, you should hit it.

Excuse me, I never asked for this.

Excuse me, but I've never gotten anything I've asked for but gotten everything I deserved.

Excuse me, I believe I am bathing in your soup.

Excuse me, but I do not eat a bathtub's worth of soup, a barrel maybe but not a bathtub.

Excuse me, but I've broken your bathtub.

Excuse me, but how did you do that? It's stainless steel bathtub. Not even a whale should have been able to breach the walls.

Excuse me, but my powers of Left-Eye-On-FIRE seems to have overwhelmed the power of your stainless steel bathtub.

Excuse me, huehuehuehuehuehuehue.

Excuse me for stealing your starfish! Mwahahaha!

Excuse me, Dango's starfish is so clean you could eat cake off of it.

excuse me, I was too busy eating cake to read what you said. What was it?

Excuse me, but there's a waxy buildup in your ears and eyes

Excuse me I do believe we has lost the meaning of this threat!
I blame Mparadox or Daystar!... :D

Excuse me...what?

Excuse me, but I do believe I'm on fire.

Excuse me, good.

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