Excuse me...

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Excuse me but Tizz will clean it up!

Excuse me, but...okay...

I have faith in your abilities! :D

Excuse me, *Sneezes*

*gives you tissue* :o

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Excuse me, but it would appear that I can infect people through the computer.
Excuse me, I must ask how I will use my powers.

Excuse me, but... keep it away please

Excuse me, but I wish for some skittles...

*throws skittles in tizzy's general direction*
Excuse me, but it seems I've made a mess.

Excuse me but Tizz is a pro at cleaning. :D

Excuse me, but that's great news :3

Excuse me, but I am not a janitor *continues to pick up skittles*

Excuse me, but at least you have skittles

Excuse me but the floor is at least clean of skittles now! :D

Excuse me, but I have to clean that up now *drags Topaz to the floor* Have to clean yer shoes there...

Excuse me, but thank you!

and if you ever f**king try that again I will decapitate you wear your intestines as a trophy and your head shall be a mask!?...

*continues cleaning*

Excuse me but my tummy appears to be rumbling. I demand sustenance!

Excuse me, domo arigoto Mr. Roboto.

Excuse me, but I ate all the food... good day ._.*runs away*

Excuse me, but it would appear that you are a glutton. *chases after*

Excuse me *unveils a tray of delicious food* come and get it if you can! *runs*

Excuse me, but it's you, you're the rocket man.

E-Excuse me, b-but I deny that title! *starts sweating*

Excuse me, but you seem a little too nervous!

Excuse me, but I think your right! Whats in the bag tizzy?

E-Excuse me, b-but I-I am hiding n-nothing! *runs*

Excuse me, but-*Reveals all the secrets*

Excuse me, but...no one must know...
Excuse me, but what were we talking about?

Excuse me, tacos.

Excuse me, but my head hurts. Please fix it.

*slaps Neronium's head*

Excuse me, but I fixed it.

Excuse me, just turn it off and on again and it'll be fine.

Excuse me but you must be harder! >:c

Excuse me, that sounded dirty, I have to go wash my ears.

Excuse me, but I was expecting someone... older.

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