Excuse me...

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*Bursts out of brick wall*

OOOOOHHHH YEEEEE- Excuse me wrong place.

*Starts repairing brick wall*

Excuse me, but here is the bricks you will be needing.

Excuse me, why not buy some cement to go with those bricks, for only $749.99!

Excuse me, but I have no money to purchase bricks. So I stole them and pinned the crime on Para.

Excuse me but I am nervous about my exam results...

Excuse me, so am I and with progression interviews.

On Results Day I also have an interview about one hour after the college opens. Eeep.

Excuse me, but I'm waiting for my job applications and background checks to go through.

Excuse me, but I suddenly feel the need to flee the country

Excuse me but could you please jump my photo?

Excuse me, I'm busy brooding because of my exam failure.

Excuse me, but my eyes are struggling to stay open...

Excuse me, but sleep, my prince...

Excuse me, but I have awaken! Now I read manga (new chapter of Fairy Tail out today!)

Excuse me, I am quite tired. *Yawns*

Excuse me, I am quite bored *Yawns*.

Excuse me but I've got to tell you about the 1982 knitting jamboree in York.

Excuse me, but the voice in my head is calling me a failure again...
Thought I got rid of him.

Excuse me, mine too. I'll just get the mindbleach out.

Excuse me but boredom can be rectified with a few cherry bombs!

Excuse me but I must use the restroom I recently had a cherry bomb thrown in my face.

Excuse me but be careful. The sharks don't like new people.

Excuse me, but my absence can be explained by bad internet...

Excuse me but your excuse is DENIED.

Excuse me, but why are there sharks in the bathroom >.>...

Excuse me, it's because it's Shark Week.

Excuse me, but ads for shark week never stopped...

Excuse me, but its now shark week every week!

Excuse me, but did you hear about director Tony Scott?

Excuse me but now I have. I feel teh sads. 3:

Excuse me, but I have a sudden urge to eat rice crispies...

Excuse me, but *Eats Tizzy's rice crispies*

Excuse me but rice crispies sounds nice. o3o

Excuse me, but i'm horrifically allergic to rice crispies. And taste. And fun.

Excuse me, but Porygon-2000 is missing out!

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