Excuse me...

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Excuse me but it's only natural!

Excuse me, kitty!

Excuse me, it's just......those eyes.....

Excuse me but you'll be killed.

Should you stare into those eyes for any time longer than 3 seconds. O.O

Excuse me, but what if I stare at you...that was a strange question >.>...I feel silly now...

Staring at me won't do much. Just a strange desire to start having cakes.

Excuse me, but if I stare long enough will I get some cake? =D

Excuse me *hits Topaz* I wanted some of that cake :(

Excuse me but you didn't eat all the pie! O.O

Excuse me, but Captcha is sentient.

Excuse me, but captcha knows all! and really likes dish network...

Excuse me but that's silly. Nobody likes that.

Excuse me, but I am playing Kingdom Hearts! *continues playing*

Excuse me, but...*steals game, erases the game data, creates a new game, plays through the entire game, then spoils everything about it*


Excuse me, but your parts are showing.

Excuse me but that's just crazy. 'cause you're crazy.

Excuse me, but your crazy! I'm a figment of your imagination >.>...

Excuse me, but...*pulls out COMP* Surprise demon attack!

Excuse me, but I'm up on Melancholy Hill.

Excuse me but you should get down from there. D:

Excuse me, but I will get him down before he hurts himself *goes up hill*

You do that. *calls Foxxxy News*

Excuse me, let's get back on track.

Excuse me but the tracks exploded a few weeks back. <.<

Excuse me, but as long as we say "excuse me" These rails are still going.

Excuse me but that's because we all love the original poster. <.<

Excuse me, but can I haz Cake?

*gives cake* Why not?! >.>

Excuse me, but I don't feel so good...

Excuse me but this must be dealt with immediately!

Excuse me, but the fuzzies are distracting.

Excuse me, but I must save my realm from corruption!

Excuse me but that's a job for the janitors!

Excuse me but that can be resolved easily and without any problems. :D

Excuse me, but we can use tizzy :D

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