Excuse me...

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Excuse me but it's either that or me ripping it off of you. :3

Excuse me but I don't wanna! T^T

Excuse me *dives into ocean*

Excuse me but that's jelly.

Ocean is in the Northeast.

Excuse me, but I am drowning in a sea of jelly!

Excuse me but eat through it!

Excuse me, I'm allergic to jelly.

Excuse me but I have no words to describe the astonishment I was feeling for .5 seconds.

Excuse me, but I am listening to f**king awesome music!

Excuse me but swearing is a bad thing to do.

Tut tut.

Excuse me, but I don't want to partake in this game.

Excuse me but you must give in to the awesomeness of cake.

Excuse me but some people can!

Of course those people are also lactose intolerant. :D

Excuse me, but I am feeling the blues...

Excuse me, *Paints him purple*

Excuse me but Royalty Paint is reserved for Royalty! D:

Excuse me, but being purple is fabulous!

Excuse me, Isn't it though!?

Excuse me, but this backlog is terrible!

Excuse me, my anime backlog is terrible.

Excuse me but my Castle backlog demands my attention! >.>

Excuse me, but I must go to classes...

Excuse me but classes are there to broaden your mind!


Excuse me, but my mind is already broadened!

Excuse me but it requires more for this to happen! O.O

Excuse me, but I have risen from the grave!

Excuse me, she was doing her taxes!

Excuse me, but I ate so much for Thanksgiving that I feel like I'M a stuffed pig--sans the apple in my mouth.

Excuse me, but I have been playing Persona 4 Golden extensively.

Excuse me but I'm glad you're happy. @.@

Excuse me! But don't hate! Masticate!

Excuse me but I must dash, I must go and play The Witcher more.

Excuse me, I am feeling the need to power up my friendship!

Excuse me, friendship is only needed to power up personas! Nothing else...

Excuse me, friendship is also a valuable commodity...

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