Excuse me...

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Excuse me, but you are standing on my foot, please get off.

Excuse me, but you're making my spine hurt.

Excuse me, but how exactly am I doing that?

Excuse me, but I'd like to give you a bomb.

Excuse me, but I will have to decline on account of the numerous ones I am already holding. Sorry lad.

Excuse me, but your lack of a face makes my spine hurt for some inexplicable reason!

Excuse me, but can you have some more light. I can't see that pretty face...

Excuse but will you please step on the light?
The shade makes you look kinda creepy.

Excuse me, but are you angry at me?

Excuse me but I'm always angry at everything lately!

Excuse me, but keep calm and continue posting.

Excuse me, but someone threw your heart into Mt. Doom and now its all hot and weird.

Excuse me, I think that I threw your Ring into a volcano.

Excuse me but I think you are a volcano.

Excuse me, but you're feminine.

Excuse me but you seem to be an LSD-driven hallucination.

Excuse me but my hat is better.

Excuse me but I suck at math.

Excuse me, but...
thesilentman@TheEscapist$ sudo rm -rf FirstToStrike

Excuse me but I don't understand what you're doing!

Excuse me, but I believe he is malfunctioning...

Excuse me, but I think we might get along...

thesilentman@TheEscapist$ sudo useradd TopazFusion

Excuse me, but did I get you excited?

Excuse me but you're not terribly exiting.

Excuse me if my "wantable qualities" don't attract you. >:-D

Excuse me, but your parts are showing.

Excuse me, but I'm a suit of armor.

Excuse me, I have to change my hair color.
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Excuse me, but I think it looks wonderful on you.

Excuse me, I need to retake my thread.

Excuse me but you have my blessing to do so with plasma cannons.

Excuse me, I was having a wee bit of fun...

Excuse me but I don't like it when you have fun.


Excuse me, what are you doing?

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