Excuse me...

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Excuse me, what were you doing in a grave?

Excuse me, she was doing her taxes!

Excuse me, but I ate so much for Thanksgiving that I feel like I'M a stuffed pig--sans the apple in my mouth.

Excuse me, but I have been playing Persona 4 Golden extensively.

Excuse me but I'm glad you're happy. @.@

Excuse me, don't worry be happy!

Excuse me! But don't hate! Masticate!

Excuse me but I must dash, I must go and play The Witcher more.

Excuse me, I am feeling the need to power up my friendship!

Excuse me, friendship is magic!

Excuse me, friendship is only needed to power up personas! Nothing else...

Excuse me, friendship is also a valuable commodity...

Excuse me but this thread requires assistance!

Excuse me, I can help with that!

Excuse me, I am punching your salad.

Excuse me, can I have a fresh salad here. Preferably one that hasn't been punched o.o

Excuse me, that's are specialty and roundhouse kicked salad.

Excuse me, but this is the wrong universe!

Excuse me, but all universes meet here right....then.

Excuse me, but my left eye just melted.

Excuse me, but fixing up this audio from the communicast is annoying...

Excuse me, but your not paid to complain.

Excuse me, but I can complain all I want!

Excuse me this is a complaint free zone.

Excuse me this is a no-zone day.

Excuse me, this is an ozone day.

Excuse me *farts* the o-zone has nothing on me!

Excuse me, I dislike thread killing farts.

Excuse me but I like killing floors. <.<

Excuse me but my beard has just caught fire.

Excuse me but my taser ran out of batteries.

Excuse me, but tranquilizer darts are the way to go.

Excuse me, princess.

Well excuuuuuuse me, princess!

AH! *slaps TL* now look what you've made me do!


Excuse me, but I do what I want!

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