Excuse me...

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Excuse me but I think that's harassment.

Excuse me, but only if they complain.

Excuse me but that's irrelevant. O.O

Excuse me but you're the one who wanted to try hard enough to remove/destroy the pants in the first place..

Excuse me but I'm within my right to revoke whatever I say. O.o

Excuse me but that doesn't stop us judging you.

Excuse me but your opinion is valid and wrong. T^T

Excuse me, but it was supposed to be a SHORT(s) conversation about trousers.

Excuse me, but NEW PAGE YAY!

Excuse me, but do you have a moment to talk about Arceus our lord and saviour?

Excuse me but I am Arceus, your Lord and Saviour.

Bow down.

Excuse me, but how can you prove it? I can't even see your face after all.

Excuse me, but you're obviously not a true believer if you need proof.

Excuse me, but HOW DARE YOU QUESTION ME!?!?!?!!1ONE! (sarcasm alert)

Excuse me, but I dared. :-D

Excuse me but you're not a princess.

Excuse me, but did you just try to upskirt me?!

Excuse me, but is it too much to ask that you put clean underwear on in the morning?

Excuse me, but you shouldn't be checking other peoples underwear.

Excuse me, but I believe it is a constitutional right to check other peoples underwear.

Excuse me but this country doesn't have a written constitution.

Excuse me, but I do believe he was talking about the Digital Constitution.

Excuse me, but there's a mob of tax collectors right next to us.

Excuse me, but I believe you are looking for the OTHER twelve foot tall gorilla.

Excuse me, I do believe I have lost my way

Excuse me, you want to be over in that queue. This is the lane for awesome people.

Excuse me, but that means I am in the right lane after all.

Excuse me but this is the fast lane.

Pedal to the medal!

Excuse me, I do believe I have lost my way

Is...is that you? *jumps.*

Excuse me, the fast lane is too slow for the likes of me.


Excuse me, I do believe I have lost my way

Is...is that you? *jumps.*

It is I, In the cyber flesh. I am back to post like a madman and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum.

Excuse me, but I don't want to die from being hit by a unicycle. Also, that unicycle must have been going pretty fast to have killed me.. unless it's a giant unicycle and the tire just rolled over me..

Excuse me, but you don't seem to have made any deliveries in quite a while.

Excuse me, but what is in that cup?

Excuse me, but wouldn't you like to know?

It's tea.

Excuse me, but may I have some?

Excuse me I dibbs'd first.

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