Excuse me...

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Excuse me but futurama is not that good!

Excuse me, but STFU!

excuse me but I never thought futurama was ever that good!

Excuse me, but you are incorrect, Futurama is awesome!

Excuse me, *sprays with water bottle*

Excuse me, *sprays with fire hose*

Excuse me, *sprays with Ice and Fire*

Excuse me but you're steaming up the place.

Excuse me but aren't you wearing my jacket?

Excuse me, but I found it on the ground a week ago.

Excuse me, stop killing my thread.

Excuse me, but I have come to rescue it with my incredible wit.

Excuse me, I'm blinded by wit.

Excuse me, but that's no excuse to step on me.

Excuse me, I have to let the moose loose.

Excuse me...you go first.

Excuse me, after you I insist

Excuse me, but I'm not taking no for an answer.

Excuse me but no is the only answer.

excuse me, im allergic to moose

Excuse me, good news, it's actually a deer.

excuse me, im also allergic to being mistaken

Excuse me, but is your reaction severe to being mistaken?

Excuse me, but I assume it's horrible.

Excuse me, but you seem to have a bullet hole in your head...<.<

Excuse me, there appears to be problem with your reception.

Excuse me, but you really should brush your teeth.

Excuse me, no one brushes their teeth anymore

Excuse me, I can't hold a toothbrush.

excuse me, i cant accept you lack of dental hygiene

*commences 30th wash of teeth for the day*

Excuse me, but excessive cleaning is bad for you.

Excuse me, but your filth is going to cause a new plague.

Excuse me, I'd rather have a break from internet memes during dinner.

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