Excuse me...

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Excuse me, but dine and dashing is considered rude.

Excuse me, but telling people what to do is also rude.

Excuse me, but that's hypocritical.

Excuse me, but no it isn't.

Excuse me, but he was telling me what to do.

Excuse me, but so am I.

Excuse me, but in that case silent is calling you rude as well.

Excuse me, but I challenge Silent to fisty-cuffs!

Excuse me, but you're standing on my neck.

Excuse me, but I'm sure there's enough of Silent for you both to have a go. Go!

Excuse me you're ruining my view.

Excuse me but shouldn't someone break this up?

Excuse me but how come no-one posted in this thread for nearly a week?

Excuse me but what in buggery do you think you're doing? I do believe I was an innocent bystander here that you've just assaulted.

How rude.

Excuse me, I seem to be blind.

Excuse me, I seem to be a double posting maroon.

Excuse me, but my face hurts...<.>

Excuse me for slapping your face.

Excuse me you forgot to use your white glove

Excuse me I use gauntlets.


Excuse me, could someone call an ambulance?

Excuse me, one of my exams is starting in five minutes.

Excuse me, I have to fetch my waffles from the toaster.

Excuse me, my kidney appears to have fallen out through the gap in my chest abdomen. Why are you out to dinner with me again?

EDIT: Anatomy corrected before somebody bothers me thinking I don't know the location of the kidneys in the human body...

Excuse me, the sedative appears to have worn off. I'll take my leave before you have the consciousness to remember this.

Excuse me, but that's your knee you're fondling.

Excuse me, but that's not my knee

Excuse me, but I took an arrow to the knee

Excuse me, but I got married and my wife doesn't like my adventuring.

Excuse me, but if people knew more Nordic slang this would have never become a meme.

Excuse me but you can't do that on my carpet.

Excuse me, I have to lick this up.

Excuse me, be quick about it.

Excuse me but *shotgun*

Excuse me, but that seat is taken.

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