Excuse me...

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Excuse me but I wasn't scheming. It just takes me this long to tie my laces.

Excuse me but shoes with laces suck, get one with no laces.

Excuse me, but I must go pray to the full moon

Excuse me but shoes without laces are difficult to find.

Excuse me, but I'm just bumping a few pages of Forum Games.

Excuse me, but you're bumping my stuff.

Excuse me, but should I not be?

Excuse us, we are... merely spreading... our god's gifts...

Excuse me, but I bless the rains down in Aaaaaaafricaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Excuse me but I think your avatar is broken. Either that or it's my suffering net connection.

Excuse me, you're not a rocket ship.

Excuse me, but you can't tell me what I am.

Excuse me, where is everyone?

Excuse me, I seem to have fallen down into the deep Forum Games pit and found this thread, what should I do with it?

Excuse me, you should view it about 90,000 more times to get me a badge.

Excuse me, but if you'd be so kind as to give my thread similar attention I'm sure we could reach an agreement.

Excuse me, but the "offensive" thread requires more attention in my opinion. It was such a brilliant thread.

Excuse me, you're right (and I thank you!) but I've already bumped it this morning. I'll try to draw an avatar at lunchtime.

Excuse me, I wish I could post in the "offensive thread, but it is locked for me. I do not know why but I will try to post once I get home.

Excuse me, but I may have found you so offensive that I got Kross to lock you out of my thread.

Excuse me, but is this 'Count With Images'?

Excuse me, but where are we going with this thread?

Excuse me, but I forgot.

Excuse me, but I'm tired.

Excuse me, but I have to go... raise heaven.

Excuse me *pumps shotgun* But no you don't!

Excuse me, be we don't take kindly to your type around here.

Excuse me, but no violence or looking down on others.

Excuse me, but I am looking down on you now!

Excuse me, but I can see my house from up here.

Excuse me but you should probably watch your step.

Excuse me but thank you for the advice.

Excuse me, but get out of the basement!

Excuse me, but someone left my trousers down there.

Excuse me, but piss!

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