Excuse me...

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Excuse me, after you I insist

Excuse me, but I'm not taking no for an answer.

Excuse me but no is the only answer.

excuse me, im allergic to moose

Excuse me, good news, it's actually a deer.

excuse me, im also allergic to being mistaken

Excuse me, but is your reaction severe to being mistaken?

Excuse me, but I assume it's horrible.

Excuse me, but you seem to have a bullet hole in your head...<.<

Excuse me, there appears to be problem with your reception.

Excuse me, but you really should brush your teeth.

Excuse me, no one brushes their teeth anymore

Excuse me, I can't hold a toothbrush.

excuse me, i cant accept you lack of dental hygiene

*commences 30th wash of teeth for the day*

Excuse me, but excessive cleaning is bad for you.

Excuse me, but your filth is going to cause a new plague.

Excuse me, I'd rather have a break from internet memes during dinner.

Excuse me, but it would seem that no fun is allowed here.

Excuse me but that Spiderman video was plenty fun.

Excuse me,


Excuse me but you have poor taste in videos.

Excuse me but you are absolutely incorrect.

Excuse me but Spiderman videos are the epitome of good taste.

Excuse me but I prefer Youtube Poop.

Excuse me but many youtube poops are spiderman videos.

Excuse me but it's time I went to get some lunch.

Excuse me but can you get me a sandwich while you're out?

Excuse me, but do any of you have a time machine so I can go into the future and watch Wolverine already? Or go into the past and watch Pacific Rim again?

Excuse me, but sleeping pills would be cheaper.

Excuse me, but I like pain pills better

Excuse me but pain pills are for wusses. You want pain? Use a hammer.

Excuse me, but PILLZ HERE!!1

Excuse me, but get ready for the test.

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