Excuse me...

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Excuse me, YOUR NOT MY DATE!

Excuse me, Skype issa calling!

Excuse me, skype never calls me D:

Excuse me but I'm due for an assassination attemp-*Bang*

Excuse me, I'm being assassinated *dies*

Excuse me, I have to assassinate you from the future.

'Scuse me but I have to teach this technicolor pony how to play the cello

Essscccuuuuuuseeee ME Princess!


Excuse me! O.O

Maaf tapi saya tak boleh cakap Inggeris

Excuse me, I'll be the translator. :P

Excuse me, I no speakee your language

Excuse me, say what again.

Excuse me, I'll make you! O.O

Excuse me, I have to go instigate a fight >:D

Excuse me my batteries are dying.

Excuse me, I'm trying to eat!

Excuse me, that soup is mine D:<

Excuse me but if you don't eat, you don't eat! XD

Excuse me, I am starving to death *dies*

Excuse me I'm trying to compose a new symphony

Excuse me, I have hearts to thaw out.

Excuse me, but I like Doritos!

'Scuse me but an unsettled primate seems to be emerging from my posterior and it appears to be avian

Excuse me, what happened to the thread! D:

Excuse me, my spleen is developing sentience and is now questioning life, the universe and "why I have to be attached to this fat bastard"

Excuse me, but could you tell me which way my toast went?

Excuse me, but I'm late for my other date.

Excuse me I have to go die again.

Excuse me, I've got a man smoothie to make.

Excuse me, I've got ta clean the arsenal!

Excuse me, I be full! :3

Excuse me, some strange man ate all my food D:

Excuse me, I be flyin me Jolly Rodger! xD

Excuse me, pirates make me nauseous.

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